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435W | Dual Glass Bi-Facial N.HJT

What is a Heterojunction solar cells (HJT)?

Heterojunction solar panels (HJT) can be quite beneficial since they have an improved technology with great potential in the solar industry. Read our full article to learn about HJT solar panels.

Jinko Tiger Neo 440W N-Type

Trina Solar Panels

JA Solar 440W N-Type

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P-Type vs N-Type Solar Panels

What is The Difference Between an N-type and P-type Cell?

The main difference between p-type and n-type solar cells is the number of electrons. A p-type cell usually dopes its silicon wafer with boron, which has one less electron than silicon (making the cell positively charged). An n-type cell is doped with phosphorus, which has one more electron than silicon (making the cell negatively charged).

N-type cells are resistant to light induced degradation due to the presence of phosphorus instead of boron within the silicon. This immunity leads to a longer carrier lifetime of the cell and a more efficient, powerful system. N-type cells are also less prone to metallic impurities that affect P-type cells and have a higher temperature tolerance.

We answer more common questions in our full article.

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