Hybrid Systems

Smart, Battery-Supported Solar

The future of power in Australia depends on generating your own electricity during the day and using the stored energy in the evening. This eliminates the need to draw much if any, power from the grid.

What is a Hybrid Solar System?

A hybrid system is made up of the usual solar panels, inverter and a battery system, all of which are interfacing with the utility grid. A hybrid system is an affordable and attractive option for commercial and residential properties. This system is ideal for those looking to lower their energy bill and move toward power independence.

Hybrid Solar

The future is now, with Ulladulla Solar actively updating households and commercial properties around Australia so that clean, low-cost energy can be generated for generations to come.

How Do Hybrid Systems Work?

Similar to other solar systems, a hybrid system draws from the sun during daylight hours, but the difference here is that excess power that your system produces will charge the batteries in the unit. Once set, any extra energy at this stage is sent back into the grid at your feed-in-tariff rate.

When the sun sets, your business or household will be powered by the battery rather than the grid. Should you use more than what your battery has stored, you can draw from the grid allowing for a reliable backup.

What you have here is a constant, reliable electricity supply at a fraction of the cost of regular from-the-grid energy.

Benefits Of Ulladulla Solar Hybrid Systems

  • Full-service local support
  • Help, support and maintenance
  • Allows you to store excess energy
  • Use stored solar energy during peak evening times
  • Enables advanced energy management
  • Reduces power consumption from the grid
  • Ulladulla Solar’s guaranteed performance with product and quality warranties

Quality You Can Trust

Ulladulla Solar is 100% Australian owned and operated — and one of the country’s leading solar providers. Our services extend to Nowra, Ulladulla, Batemans Bay, Moruya and the surrounding areas. Our hybrid solar panel systems come customised solutions as well as service and product warranties.

To find out if a hybrid solar panel system is right for you, get in touch with Ulladulla Solar today.

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