New Energy Tech Approved Seller

April 1, 2023

Ulladulla Solar is proud to be a New Energy Tech Approved Seller
We're committed to consumer protection standards

Ulladulla Solar is a proud New Energy Tech Approved Seller committed to meeting consumer protection standards throughout your customer journey with us.

These standards have been designed by peak consumer and industry bodies to help raise consumer protection across the solar, battery storage and new energy tech industry.

As Approved Sellers, Ulladulla Solar is committed to:

  • Providing you with clear, accurate and relevant information to help you make informed choices
  • Encouraging you to be aware of your rights under the law and the New Energy Tech Consumer Code (NETCC)
  • Ensuring that our sales practices are responsible
  • Ensuring that products, systems, services and documentation provided under the NETCC are suitable and fit for purpose
  • Supporting staff training and work processes that ensure that we comply with the law and the NETCC
  • Ensuring that we will be responsive to your needs and taking prompt, appropriate action if you make a complaint.