Hybrid Battery Storage

We supply and install high quality solar power battery storage systems from reputable brands that have good local support

Our Hybrid Solar Battery Storage Range

Sungrow Inverters

Sungrow Modular System

Enphase Micro Inverters

Enphase IQ5 Battery

BYD Offgrid Batteries

BYD Battery Box Premium

Goodwe Lynx Home F Series

RedEarth SunRise Mini

RedEarth SunRise Maxi

SunRise 3 Phase

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Considering a on-grid solar battery storage system?

If you’re looking to store your excess power for use overnight or wanting to go completely off-grid, Ulladulla Solar use expert local knowledge and trades to design and install our solar systems, using only the highest of quality materials.

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Private Power Plant

Suppliment your feed-in tariffs with energy trading

Energy trading is a capability available within RedEarth’s SunRise grid- connected systems. By enabling it and accessing wholesale electricity prices via Amber, your SunRise system will automatically charge when prices are extremely low and export when prices are much higher than usual (generally in the evening). While it doesn’t trade every day, energy trading aims to significantly reduce the cost of importing electricity while also improving the feed-in tariffs you receive throughout the day.