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Solar battery storage, the latest technological advancement in the solar industry. With it, not only can you store the excess energy created by your system during the day to use whenever you need it like at night. It is also a solution that allows you to monitor your commercial or residential property’s usage and charge your solar battery at lower-usage times to really maintain control of your power usage. Our battery solutions include Sonnen, LG and RedEarth – leading solar storage systems on the market today.

Stop Sending Your Unused Power Back To The Grid.

Are you searching for a way to lower your energy bills or carbon footprint all while lessening your dependence on the grid?

Well, you’re in the right place. If you already have Solar PV installed on your property, most of your generated energy is very likely being sent back to the grid.

Solar battery storage (battery storage and Solar PV) allows you to charge your battery with any excess power, use your generated solar energy, and send additional back to the grid. The bigger your battery’s storage capacity, the more you can store.

Instead of buying back power that you have put into the grid or power company, would it not be better to use the energy stored as and when you need it most?

Thanks to our various solar battery solutions you can. We’d love to find the perfect innovative solar storage battery solution for you!

With so many models to choose from, we have expandable systems that grow as your family or business’ power needs do. Not only can we help facilitate the generation and storage of your solar power, but our intelligent backup energy storage systems also monitor your usage.

Thanks to our range of varying solar battery brands and sizes, we have solutions for every level of power consumption. Ulladulla Solar only supplies the best on the market and guarantees to be your power solution no matter the energy output and/or size of your property.

Let us help you start saving on your energy bills today.

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