Trina Vertex S+ 415w Dual Glass: ‘Solar Panel Of The Summer’

December 5, 2022

Trina are obviously keen to maintain their spot in the market as an industry leader by producing what has been dubbed by experts as the ‘solar panel of the summer’. It’s true, Trina has produced a seriously good solar panel that’s getting everyone excited.

The Trina Vertex S+ 415w solar panel has a whopping 25 year product warranty paired with the 30 year performance warranty. Let’s not forget when it comes to the 21.9% conversion efficiency from this panel!

It’s safe to say that Trina has put some serious thought and budget into manufacturing the Vertex S+ modules and moving with the flow of the solar market as well.
This is really good to see and builds confidence in Trina as a trustworthy brand that homeowners can invest in without running the risk of low quality products or them going bankrupt and losing out on the warranty.

Trina Are Offering A Smaller Size
Panel With A Larger Power Production

One thing that immediately stands out to most of us is the size of the Trina Vertex S+ modules. Coming in at 400-425w but the most popular seems to be the 415watt size. It’s fantastic to see that Trina are producing larger power panels and keeping up with the way the market is moving.

As you can probably see, the industry is moving towards panels that can produce more Watts allowing homeowners to install less on their roofs but also maximise the space that is available.

It also helps as a solar design engineer to tailor the best design around your home and roof.

Not only this, but it also shows that Trina are looking at market trends and going with new and innovative ways to manufacture better solar panels for the industry. This is
something that builds confidence when installing and investing in Trina solar panels.

Trina Vertex S+ 415Watt

The Trina Vertex S+ 415w Comes
With 21.9% Panel Efficiency

21.9% conversion efficiency is definitely up there with some of the most efficient solar panels in 2022.

Overall, you will be getting more energy from your system and when compared to other panels you may need to pay for more to get the same energy output. The more efficient a solar panel is, the more energy you can produce.

Dual Glass Design With Trina Vertex S+ 415w Panel Gives Extra Strength

We can all admit that Australia has seen some pretty freak weather over the past
few years. Now, if you live in an area that does see high winds, hail and other intense
weather that may cause panel damage then Trina Vertex S+ is going to be your

Not only this, but dual glass is less prone to micro cracks from the sun and natural
wear and tear overtime. This maintains the high level of performance from Trina as
is of course backed by their warranty.

Being a country that is extremely coastal you may find that salt wears down solar
panels quickly. Trina Vertex S+ dual glass design allows a much bigger protection
against salt and sand etc. This is key if you live in an area that is close to the beach.

The dual glass design fits in well with our weather climate in Australia for all

You Get 25 Years Product Warranty & 30 Years Performance Warranty With
The Trina Vertex S+ 415w Solar Panel

The Trina Vertex S+ 415w dual glass panel, has a whopping warranty combined with its affordability on the market in Australia right now.

Let’s also not forget that Trina has outstanding bankability. In 2021 they scored

100% on their rating for warranty and bankability which is amazing to see.

Expect To See Fast Returns From The Trina Vertex S+ 415w Solar Panel

The Trina Vertex S+ Panel offers a fast payback period and returns you will be able to see due to its high performance and affordability you will quickly see your money back from your investment. Especially with the current energy price rises which continue to increase year to year.

One thing that is a fact this solar panel will be able to produce large returns and fast. The beauty of this panel is the warranty guaranteed to perform for the next 25 years and if there is an issue with a panel then it is replaced.

So, if you’re looking to get a solar panel that’s going to quickly slash your energy bills you need to seriously consider the Trina Vertex S+ 415w solar panel.